Because despite covid-19, we must remember this very different period!

Pomango offers you a printable notebook to help children give positive feedback on what is happening and be able to keep everything as a souvenir. Yes, it was and still is a difficult situation, but we were able to experience beautiful moments (ex: time with family, outbursts of generosity and solidarity between neighbors, the beautiful rainbows in the windows, the little sweets we experienced when spring arrived, etc.). It is important to discuss this with your children, to document how they felt, what they did, how the "return to school" went. It will certainly be an interesting notebook to read in 20 years!

And why not go even further to help your family remember the importance of this time. You can collect several keepsakes in a box so that you can tell the little ones about them in a few years. What will make it really special are the stories you tell yourself with each of the elements that are found there.

Here are some things you could include:

  • List of shows you've binge-watched on Netflix

  • Recipe for a dish you made using creative substitutions

  • Proof of games or activities you've done as a family, such as a Yahtzee scorecard

  • Handprints of all family members

  • Description of the craziest or most original game or activity you have created together

  • A letter to your baby describing how you feel and what life is like

  • A local newspaper with the headlines of Covid-19

  • A drawing of the family including pets, names, ages, etc.

  • Photos of work and / or renovations undertaken during containment

  • Your rainbow drawings, or the picture of your house with its rainbow in the window.

  • A letter from the grandparents we missed

  • A few pieces of clean toilet paper and a wipe for humor!

  • Instructions for making masks

A nice addition to the notebookMY SCHOOL MEMORIES (downloadable versions here )


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