The power of classifieds should not be underestimated

At the beginning

It all started with an ad in the newspaper to find franchisees who could distribute music tapes. It was without too much expectation that Charles Plourde launched CPM Distribution, in order to meet the needs of the market. First, cassettes and then CDs were the core business of the company for many years.


The founder, sensitive and attentive to the market, wanted to seize favorable opportunities. The vision and the mission were created little by little.

It was by developing the concept of Chante avec moi and seeing its great popularity that the trigger came to him, he knew he had to develop concepts for children, young people and their parents. The need is there. Children and parents, there will always be. Being himself the father of 4 children and having as a philosophy that it is by playing that one learns and that it is by learning that one grows up, Charles decided to embark on an offer which is as entertaining as it is educational.e.

He had to offer more. Why not a family planner! This is our best-known product so far. In 2008, the company diversified by creating its online sales site Pomango.ca, which offers a variety of products for the family: games, toys and books.


In addition to the online store, the team works together to create unique and attractive products. Pomango sets itself apart through its production and distribution of products that meet the needs of families across Canada.


Offer and create practical, entertaining products that facilitate the organization of family life,

because life is BEAUTIFUL in the family.


Respect in our relationships with employees, customers and suppliers.

Teamwork to unite the skills of all employees, customers or suppliers.

A sense of initiative to think outside the box.

The quality of our service and our products.

The well-being of each person to ensure their development.