100 Activités Montessori Pour Préparer Mon Enfant À Lire Et À Écrire

100 Activités Montessori Pour Préparer Mon Enfant À Lire Et À Écrire


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An introduction to reading and writing through play

Editions Nathan «Le livre 100 activités Montessori pour préparer mon enfant à lire et à écrire» book offers parents various fun activities rooted in Montessori pedagogy. The author summarizes the key principles of this type of teaching and explains how to present Montessori activities to your child and how to follow them so that the benefits at mini are optimal. Divided into nine categories (books, writing, the world, words, poetry, listening, hand, letters and material), all types of activities are in a chronological order specific to the pedagogy Montessori and an index indicating the activities grouped by age group is also at your disposal.


Maria Montessori's pedagogy is based on the idea that the child develops his intelligence through the senses and that he goes through"sensitive periods"during which he mobilizes all his energy to discover a particular learning. The sensitive period of writing and reading begins a little before 3 years and continues until 6 years.

By offering your child during this privileged period a variety of playful activities, by making simple sensory material, by creating a serene climate around him, you will give him the keys to acquire writing and reading easily, with pleasure and over the long term. .


  • Book"100 Montessori activities to prepare my child to read and write"
  • A detachable notebook containing a Montessori alphabet


  • Texts:Marie-Hélènes Place
  • Photographs:Claire Delfino
  • Publisher:Éditions Nathan
  • Recommended age:2 to 6 years old
  • Number of pages:207
  • supple cover
  • FSC certification

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