Balthazar Découvre La Lecture
Balthazar Découvre La Lecture

Balthazar Découvre La Lecture


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Enter the poetic world of sounds and language

The child names the objects, recognizes the sounds, discovers their writing:sometimes"o"is written"with"or"water". He reads the words under the pictures, listens to the sentences, then reads the words he recognizes in the sentences. This book feeds the child's desire to read, at his own pace and for fun!

It also includes game cards at the end of the book; 30 sound cards with the word on the back and 30 corresponding picture cards. This therefore makes it possible to prolong and consolidate the child's new acquisitions.

Part of the collection"Help me to do it alone", a collection of interactive learning books that integrate the pedagogy of Maria Montessori by applying one of its fundamental principles:allow the child, accompanied by the adult , to"do in order to understand"and thus"help him to do it alone".


  • Author:Marie-Hélène Place, Caroline Fontaine-Riquier and Féodora Stancioff
  • Publisher:Éditions Hatier jeunesse
  • Age:from 5 years old
  • Number of Pages:72 pages
  • Format:cardboard cover, 21.2 x 22.7 cm
  • Product of France

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5-7 ans

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