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Balthazar N&
Balthazar N&

Balthazar N'a Pas Peur Du Noir Et Pépin Presque Pas Non Plus


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Approach the night and the dark with its share of fears, in a simple and frightening way.

Balthazar may be a little boy, but he's not afraid of the dark, he enjoys the night and bedtime. While Pépin, his blanket, does not like to see nothing at all and very quickly imagines ghosts and monsters that scare him.

The little reader will quickly identify with this blanket, whose imagination plays tricks on him as soon as the light is turned off. Balthazar, on the other hand, is the reassuring image of the parent, who explains and helps tame darkness and fear.

All the children's nocturnal fears are discussed:fear of the dark where you can't see, fear of black shadows dancing on the walls when you let in a little light, fear of imaginary monsters hidden in the corners of the room ...

Balthazar patiently explains and shows Pépin that his fears are unfounded. At the end of the book Pépin, overcome his fear without stopping believing in his imaginary world (just like our children, who really believe that there is a monster under the bed, whatever we say).


  • Author:Marie-Hélène Place and Caroline Fontaine-Riquier
  • Publisher:Édition Hatier Jeunesse
  • supple cover
  • Dimension:19 x 14 cm
  • Number of pages: 40 pages
  • Age:2 years and over

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2-4 ans