Bébé Balthazar - À Table
Bébé Balthazar - À Table
Bébé Balthazar - À Table
Bébé Balthazar - À Table
Bébé Balthazar - À Table

Bébé Balthazar - À Table


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Learn autonomy with Balthazar

« Balthazar sets the table to eat with his bear Pepin. From his shelf, he takes his plate, his spoon, his napkin ... He pours water into his glass. Oh ! Water flowed on the table ...»

The child learns to set the table through this little story. Balthazar does it alone, he is autonomous. When he helps himself to drink, he spills some water on the table. Balthazar therefore goes to find a sponge to clean it. When the meal is over, he does the dishes.

We do find the autonomy of the child and the guilt of the child when he does something stupid.».

À table will interest young children from 6 months old, whose life will resonate with Balthazar's daily life, and will encourage them, when they feel ready, to participate in the activities of daily life and to "do it alone" by your side.

Characteristics :

  • Author: Marie-Hélène Place andCaroline Fontaine-Riquier
  • Publisher: Édition Hatier Jeunesse
  • Hardcover book
  • Dimension: 13 x 16 cm
  • Number of pages: 14 pages
  • Age: From 6 months

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Baby Balthazar

A collection of first books from the pedagogy of Maria Montessori for 0-3 years old. From birth, you can read this book to your baby. These books promote the development and daily integration of skills and rules of social life and the notion of respect for others. The child identifies with young Balthazar and his daily life.The toddler will hear the poetry of the words, observe your mouth as it tells, captivated. Gradually, he will touch the images, the written words, then will want to hold and feel the weight of the book, to turn the pages ...


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