My Friends From Daycare Puzzle - Passe-Partout
My Friends From Daycare Puzzle - Passe-Partout

My Friends From Daycare Puzzle - Passe-Partout


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Precious friends for toddlers

Cinnamon, Pruneau, Mélodie and Kiwi welcomes you to the daycare. The nice puppets from the Passe-Partout show will make toddlers want to create puzzles. They will be happy to see the smiles of the daycare friends forming before their eyes.

  • 24 pieces
  • size of the puzzle: 60 X 40 cm
  • dimension of a piece: about 14 x 10 cm
  • from 3 years old

When your child does puzzles, he develops:

  • his concentration, because he must keep his attention on the task at hand;
  • his perseverance, since he won't find where to place the coin the first time;
  • his perception of colors, shapes and space;
  • his hand-eye coordination, because when he picks up a piece of the puzzle, he has to direct it and drop it in the appropriate place;
  • his ability to think, because he makes connections between the shape of the pieces and the places where he can put them;
  • his memory when he goes through the same puzzle over and over and tries to remember where to put the pieces;
  • his self-confidence, because he feels a lot of pride when the puzzle is finished, especially if he has done it alone;


Awaken curiosity and sensitivity. Passe-Partout is more than an educational program aimed at preschool children. A series that is both entertaining and stimulating, it prepares and equips them for school reality. It offers them an apprenticeship in self-confidence, respect for self and others, the ability to express their emotions, to open up to the world and to experiment with their social, motor and language skills.


5-7 ans

Learning skills

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