Coffret Mon Imagier Montessori
Coffret Mon Imagier Montessori
Coffret Mon Imagier Montessori

Coffret Mon Imagier Montessori


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A box for reading preparation

The «Mon imagier Montessori» box is composed of 150 classified cards perfect for enriching your little face's vocabulary in order to prepare him for reading. Essential teaching material for Montessori pedagogy, this box contains 5 sets of 30 cards each: forest animals, birds, insects, flowers and fruits. The illustrated cards will allow your little one to develop his vocabulary while putting words to situations he is living or has experienced. A bird that he has seen through the window, a fruit that he does not appreciate or a flower that smells good, your little face will be able to say more specific terms to clearly express what he sees, feels, eat, etc.

A picture book adapted to the age of the child

This Montessori box is composed of 5 series of 30 cards each. Each series is divided into three types of cards, which will be used or not depending on the age and development of mini.

The first type of cards is the blank card, with only the image. It allows vocabulary enrichment for the youngest. When the child learns to write and read, it will be possible to use the other two types of cards, either the reading ticket (the name only written) and the filled in card, which is the combination of the image as well. that of the name. This card is useful for letting the child correct himself. Thus, your little face will be invited to associate the blank card (the image) with the reading ticket (the name). This is the perfect opportunity to work on pairing, to check the knowledge acquired in vocabulary and reading while pinpointing challenges to work on.

Included :

  • 150 cards
  • An activity booklet

Characteristics :

  • Author: Ève Herrmann
  • Illustrations: Emmanuelle Tchoukriel
  • Publisher: Nathan Jeunesse (Montessori Collection)
  • Dimensions of the box: H: 4.5 x L: 21.5 x W: 18.5 centimeters
  • Intended for children between 3 and 6 years old
  • Not suitable for children under 36 months - small items


2-4 ans
5-7 ans

Learning skills

Lecture et écriture
Nature et Animaux

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