Recharged Discs - Jungle History Lamp
Recharged Discs - Jungle History Lamp
Recharged Discs - Jungle History Lamp
Recharged Discs - Jungle History Lamp
Recharged Discs - Jungle History Lamp

Recharged Discs - Jungle History Lamp


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Jungle stories - 3 discs for story lamp

Refills for the Moulin Roty story lamp to add even more imagination to children. From the In the jungle collection, Pakou, Zimba, Koco and Paloma explore, play and have fun! Between the banana leaves, the game of hide and seek is on! And here are the four joking friends, who dance to the rhythm of sounds and colors…

Easy to use

Insert a disc into the lamp and turn it on. The turn is to play. Project the images on the wall or ceiling. Simply turn the disc with your fingers to go to the next image. Be the narrator of the adventures of the illustrated images.

Included :

  • 3 story discs
  • Does not include story lamp or booklet

Characteristics :

  • Compatible with all Moulin Roty story lamps
  • Recommended age: 4 years and +
  • Material: pvc

The "In the jungle" collection

In the jungle, four friends are having fun among the banana leaves:
… ZIMBA the panther, elegant in spite of herself, always ready for a swim
… PALOMA the bird, shines and sings while flying over the wild flora
… PAKOU the toucan, and his tender plumage, tells his best stories to toddlers

… KOCO the koala, infinitely greedy and slightly clumsy

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Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty is a French company manufacturing games and toys for children, for more than 50 years. Moulin Roty's product collections begin with a story, a universe and a vision that end up creating shapes, materials, designs and that end in a unique product.

Many of their products are inspired by toys of yesteryear, once made by our grandparents. These yesterday's toys for today's kids are genuine. They tell their story to children while bringing back precious memories for parents. Concern for quality and pleasure are at the heart of the company's creations. In a world of gentleness, tenderness and fantasy, the company wishes to offer a range of educational products, elegant but above all which allow young people to explore the world around them.