Ella Fitzgerald - De Petite À Grande
Ella Fitzgerald - De Petite À Grande
Ella Fitzgerald - De Petite À Grande

Ella Fitzgerald - De Petite À Grande


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The Great Lady of Jazz

One of the most famous jazz singers; she recorded over 200 albums, won 14 Grammy Awards, 60-year career. She is well known for her scat * and vocal improvisation. Very impressive technically, funny, moving, she was admired during her lifetime and still today. It is not always easy to discuss the story of such a personality with the little ones! This pretty biography will give you quite simply to make them discover his music, and to scatter! Not easy the first time, but with practice you get there! ;)

  • 5 years and up
  • Hard cover
  • 20cm x 24cm
  • 32 pages
  • Written by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara
  • Illustrated by Barbara Alca
  • Leaf through an extract
De petite à grande: an inspiring collection for children!

These stories contain incredible facts not drawn from the imagination of the authors, but from reality itself. These stories include a good diversity of qualifiers that will always expand the vocabulary of children. Indeed, the women and men in the stories are brave, enterprising, persevering, righteous, etc. So they don't just think, they go for it too, and that's what is most inspiring! The illustrations, neat and warm, blend perfectly with the poetic narration. Each album ends with a biographical sheet allowing to learn more about the life of the personality in question, which is a very nice addition for parents or educators wanting to prolong the reading.

* Scat is a way of vocalizing melodic phrasing, to make them sound like a wind instrument. It consists of singing onomatopoeias.


5-7 ans