Jeu de rôle « Je vais à l&
Jeu de rôle « Je vais à l&
Jeu de rôle « Je vais à l&
Jeu de rôle « Je vais à l&

Jeu de rôle « Je vais à l'épicerie » - numérique


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How much will it cost if I buy 2 bananas?

Here is the latest symbolic game that will appeal to all children, young and old! What great childhood memories when we played at the grocery store! Children love this kind of games, since they can then imitate us while controlling what they put in their basket (YES)!

The grocery store game will develop the following skills:

  • Awakening to reading and writing
  • Awakening to Mathematics
  • Social skills (greetings, politeness, taking turns, sharing, etc.)
  • Language
  • The imaginary
  • Creativity
  • Fine motor skills

Rummage through your cupboards, take the fruits and vegetables out of the fridge, print and cut out the document and you're done! Now let your children play for hours!

Before concluding the purchase of the tool note that:

In accordance with article 42 of the Intellectual Property Law, this digital game cannot be distributed for free, resold, copied for the purpose of distributing or selling without my consent. Violating this law is a violation of the civil code (and I'll spare you the other boring details).
Buying “in groups” is not allowed (e.g. buying the tool once and sharing it among friends).


  • Number of pages : 10
  • Note that this is a downloadable file (no refunds)
  • Created by Mélanie from Ouikid
  • Made in Quebec


Mélanie, specialized educator and educational consultant, creator and editor of parenting and early childhood content, but also mother of two pullets. Ouikid is the combination of my two passions: my fascination for small humans and my strength for communications.

“I'm not that different from you! I too am going through the ups and downs of parenthood. I also have the same challenges as you. And like you, I want to raise strong, healthy, happy children. We all want the best for our children, at the same time to be comfortable in our role. But sometimes aligning our comfort and our needs with those of our children is difficult! Changing our habits to use a gentler and more positive approach than the traditional upbringing most of us have received can be overwhelming. But I will be behind you to guide you, listen to you, reassure you and encourage you. Becoming a modern parent will be one of the greatest gifts you will give to your family!”


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