Surface Touch Memo Game - Goki

Surface Touch Memo Game - Goki


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An educational and stimulating texture matching game

The Memo tactile surfaces board game from Goki is made up of 32 wooden cylinders offering 16 different tactile surfaces. The goal of the game:find pairs of identical textures in the fabric bag just by feeling them. Only two pieces with identical surfaces form a pair. The textures vary enormously for great challenges. A sensory game inspired by Montessori pedagogy that will necessarily appeal to the mini's sense of touch!


The first player puts his hand in the bag and carefully analyzes the surface of one of the pieces. Then, he takes this part out of the bag, then plunges his hand again in order to find a part having the same surface area as the part taken out. When he considers having found the corresponding piece, the player takes it out of the bag and compares it with the one already taken out. If he has indeed found a pair, he keeps both pieces and can replay. If the two drawn pieces do not match a pair, then the player must put them back in the bag and leave their place to the next player. The player who has reconstituted the most pairs is declared the winner.


  • A fabric bag
  • 32 wooden pieces
  • An instruction manual


  • Package dimensions:H:8 x L:17.5 x W:17 centimeters
  • Dimensions of a piece:2 centimeters high by 4 centimeters in diameter
  • Number of players:2 to 4
  • Recommended age:3 years and over
  • Material:wood
  • Parts care:Damp cloth


2-4 ans
5-7 ans

Learning skills

Couleurs et Formes
Motricité fine et Tri
Mémoire et Observation

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