La Boite À Devinettes - Passe-Partout
La Boite À Devinettes - Passe-Partout

La Boite À Devinettes - Passe-Partout


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What is hiding in the guessing box?

Do like Passe-Carreau and try to guess what is hiding in the box too!

  1. Is it round? Yes!
  2. Can it be eaten? Yes
  3. Is it a vegetable? No!
  4. So, is it a fruit? No!
  5. Is it a dessert? Yes
  6. Is that a donut! Yes!!!

By only asking questions that can be answered with yes or no, you too will be able to guess what is hidden in the blue box! This logic game helps develop language and social skills. Also reinvent the game with the tips and tricks that are offered.


  • 60 guessing cards
  • 1 wooden support, the blue box which also serves as storage
  • The game's rules
  • Dimensions:approx.19.5cm x 13.5cm x 9cm
  • Number of players:2 or more
  • Age:From 3 years old
  • Duration of a game:About 15 minutes

To see how to play. watch Passe-Carreau in action right here:


Awaken curiosity and sensitivity. Passe-Partout is more than an educational program aimed at preschool children. A series that is both entertaining and stimulating, it prepares and equips them for school reality. It offers them an apprenticeship in self-confidence, respect for oneself and others, the ability to express their emotions, to open up to the world and to experiment with their social, motor and language skills.


2-4 ans
5-7 ans