Kalimba - Olga&
Kalimba - Olga&
Kalimba - Olga&

Kalimba - Olga's Travels - Moulin Roty


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A little music to accompany Olga's trip!

Contribute to the musical awakening of your child with this pretty musical instrument! What is a Kalimba: Also called a thumb piano, it is a musical instrument of African origin. The metal slats emit different sounds depending on the size. The sound is harmonious whatever the age.

A complete toy that will not only allow your child to learn about music, but also cultures from elsewhere! He will also develop his fine motor skills in such an easy-to-use toy!


  • 1 instrument


  • Brand: Moulin Roty
  • Material: Wood and non-toxic paint
  • Age: 4 years and +
  • Maintains: With cloth, little water.

The collection "Olga's trip"

Maman Olga, a wild goose takes flight with her cubs, Bamboo, Plumette and Dart, to discover the world. They will travel the great outdoors, to distant lands, high in the sky, above seas and mountains. Her path crosses that of Chaussette the fox, and her little Little Sock then the merry troop grows with Joséphine the Blue Whale, reassuring and maternal, and Pom the polar bear. A soft collection, travel and poetry.

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Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty is a French company manufacturing games and toys for children, for more than 50 years. Moulin Roty's product collections begin with a story, a universe and a vision that end up creating shapes, materials, designs and that end in a unique product.

Many of their products are inspired by toys of yesteryear, once made by our grandparents. These yesterday's toys for today's kids are genuine. They tell their story to children while bringing back precious memories for parents. Concern for quality and pleasure are at the heart of the company's creations. In a world of gentleness, tenderness and fantasy, the company wishes to offer a range of educational products, elegant but above all which allow young people to explore the world around them.

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