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The Barbier's Kit


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I hold you by the goatee, you hold me by the goatee!

This superb pencil case is simply beautiful. Your child will be able to have fun doing like his father or grandfather, but also offer beard cuts to the whole household !! Fortunately, the tools are made of wood, so don't worry about the cuts!

How will you like your mustache In pencil line, chevron, handlebar, brush, William II or Dali And your beard You want a goatee, a goatee, a Suvorov, imperial or Van beard Dyke Maybe you are more of the sideburns and sideburns type! s!

All you have to do is let your imagination run wild and choose the beard that suits you!
Either way, being a barber is quite an art! Knowing how to handle the razor blade is undoubtedly fine, extra fine motor skills!

Includes all the essential accessories to unleash your beard sculpting talents:

    • A fabric case
    • A classic razor
    • A mirror
    • A comb
    • A razor blade
    • Aftershave
    • A badger
    • A cup

    Characteristics :

    • Mark:Plan Toys
    • Age: 3 years old and over
    • Composition: Wood
    • Dimensions:
    • Care: Can be washed with a damp cloth and water.

Plan Toys

Plan Toys , which has received numerous design awards, creates toys that develop the imagination and participate in the physical and intellectual development of children in the greatest respect for man and the environment. This Thai company is the world's leading rubberwood toy manufacturer . The wood used is virgin of any chemical treatment and comes from trees whose latex production is exhausted. Each toy is painstakingly designed, cut, assembled and painted using non-toxic colors for children and the environment. Plan Toys is also humanly committed to the creation of work and social action programs to help local populations improve their standard of living.


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