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Ariane's thread - A game of logic and associations

The Breadcrumbs wooden game from the Italian company Milaniwood is a perfect logical activity to work on your children's observation skills. The players have to go through a maze by placing buttons of different shapes and colors. To achieve this, each player must place a button one after the other on the breadcrumb trail with the same color or the same size or the same shape as the previous one! Everything becomes more complex as the players progress through the labyrinth ...

The winner is the one who will have the most buttons in their possession once the maze is crossed. May the best (or the luckiest) win!

A board game suitable for toddlers

Milaniwood offers with its board game Breadcrumbs two alternatives to help your little ones in learning colors and shapes. The first variant, to work on shapes and dimensions, is offered to children aged 5 and over. The second variant, offered to children aged 3 and over, deepens the learning of colors.

Variant 1 (2-3 players): Each player chooses one of the three shapes (round, square or concave) and takes the largest button of that shape. The players take turns drawing from the bag and, without looking, feel the pieces to find buttons of the same shape as the one chosen previously. If the picked button is the same shape and size (or smaller), they add it to the first piece to create a tower. The winner is the one who builds the tallest tower ... without it falling!

Variant 2 (2 to 5 players): Each player selects a color and, without the use of the bag, each in turn draws the buttons of the chosen color from the table to create a tower. The winner is the one who builds the tallest tower ... without bringing it down!


Each player starts with 5 randomly drawn buttons from the bag. The youngest player places one of his 5 buttons at the entrance of the labyrinth and draws a button again. Clockwise, the next player places one of their buttons if it has the same shape, size or color as the previous one. If he succeeds, he pulls a button again. If not, he gets rid of one of his five pimples. As the game progresses, players will need to make associations not only with the previous button, but also with other buttons nearby, indicated by arrows. If none of the players in a round succeeds in making an association, everyone draws a button, then the first participant of the round who got rid of a button draws one again and places it on the game board. game even if it does not combine. We continue!

BONUS: You have a button having the same shape and size as the last AND the same color as the penultimate Place it on the last button played and pick two buttons instead of one!

The game is over when the last button is placed at the very end of the labyrinth: the player who left it draws two buttons instead of one.

  • The player abandons the game if he finds himself without a button.
  • It is recommended to play with your buttons visible in order to make the game more tactical and exciting.
  • Feeling the buttons inside the bag may be allowed if the sense of touch is to be developed by this game.
  • If there are no more buttons in the bag, each player places one of their choice inside to continue the game.

Included :

  • 45 wooden buttons
  • 1 cotton game board
  • 1 pocket for buttons
  • Instruction leaflet

Characteristics :

  • Dimensions: H: 4 x L: 18.5 x W: 22 centimeters
  • Recommended age: from 6 years old
  • Number of players: 2 to 4
  • Materials: FSC certified wood, cotton
  • Non-toxic water-based paint without ingredients of animal origin

Eco-responsible actions at the heart of Milaniwood's priorities

Based in Milan, Milaniwood is a company founded in 2008 wishing to offer a collection of quality and sustainable wood games. Proud to achieve responsible forestry in its daily production, Milaniwood tries to reduce its ecological footprint as much as possible by investing, among other things, in recycled, non-toxic raw materials without any ingredient of animal origin. Each toy is entirely conceptualized, produced and made in Italy and the brand wants to think outside the box by investing in environmental initiatives that benefit its company, but also the community.


5-7 ans
8 ans et +

Learning skills

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