Le Noël De Balthazar
Le Noël De Balthazar
Le Noël De Balthazar
Le Noël De Balthazar

Le Noël De Balthazar


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Preparing for the Christmas party at Balthazar's

“Balthazar wants to give a gift to his little Pépin, and Pépin wants to give a gift to his friend Balthazar. But to buy a gift you need money, as neither of them has any, they each decide to go and exchange their favorite toy for a gift at Mr. Merlin's store ... They cross paths without seeing each other, choose the best gift for their friend.

After dinner, they meet at the foot of the tree and open their respective packages. What a surprise they each chose a gift that went with the other's favorite toy. How are they going to do it? And now Monsieur Merlin rings the bell ..."

A little story for children that soothes in this period of preparation for the holidays. A book to read with the little ones to show them that Christmas is also and above all the time to think about others.


  • Author:Marie-Hélène Place, Caroline Fontaine-Riquier and Emme Kelly
  • Publisher:Édition Hatier Jeunesse
  • supple cover
  • Dimension:19 x 14 cm
  • Number of pages:40 pages
  • Age:From 2 years old

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2-4 ans