Les Carreaux Logiques
Les Carreaux Logiques
Les Carreaux Logiques

Les Carreaux Logiques


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Logical tiles and the invention of funny phrases

The game «Les Carreaux Logiques», taken from the children's program Passe-Partout, is perfect for inventing funny sentences, like Passe-Carreau and Passe-Montagne. The goal: to select two mystery cards with the help of the two rhymes in order to form a sentence which will have to answer the question is it possible.».

« I tickle a cactus. , is it possible Your child and his friends will have to do some thinking work while having fun. A board game that will also have an impact on their social skills and language while stimulating a taste for reading..


Game preparation : On the left side of the table, place 9 red mystery cards, face down, creating 3 columns of 3 rows. These cards form the first part of the sentence. Then, on the right side of the table, do the same with 9 green mystery cards. These cards form the end of the sentence.

How the game unfolds : To select the first part of the sentence, a player sings the following rhyme by pointing to the red cards one by one, one syllable at a time: The four-mi says it, the smile shouts it, it's i- this is written!»

The player turns over the red mystery card on which his finger stopped at the end of the rhyme. To select the end of the sentence, another player sings the following rhyme, pointing to the green cards one by one, one syllable at a time: Trouv'-ra, FIN'-ra pas, qui qui va, qui ne do not go.»

He turns over the green mystery card where his finger stopped at the end of the rhyme. With the help of an adult, if necessary, the players read aloud the sentence they have just formed, reading first the words written on the red card, then those written on the green card. For example, the sentence could be: I look like ... a kitten. The players then decide if this sentence makes sense or if it does not. Time for discussion!!

Once this step is completed, they set aside the two mystery cards used during this turn. Two other players now choose the next cards using the rhymes, to form a new sentence, and so on, until all the cards have been used.

Included :

  • 18 red cards
  • 18 green cards
  • 1 nursery rhyme card
  • The rules of the game (with tips and tricks for parents and teachers)

Characteristics :

  • Dimensions: H: 5 x L: 23 x W: 16.5 centimeters
  • Recommended age: from 4 years old
  • Number of players: 2 and more
  • Playing time: 15 minutes

To see Passe-Carreau and Passe-Montagne play, it's right here:https://zonevideo.telequebec.tv/media/50114/carreaux-logiques/passe-partout


Awaken curiosity and sensitivity. Passe-Partout is more than an educational program aimed at preschool children. A series that is both entertaining and stimulating, it prepares and equips them for school reality. It offers them an apprenticeship in self-confidence, respect for self and others, the ability to express their emotions, to open up to the world and to experiment with their social, motor and language skills.


2-4 ans
5-7 ans
8 ans et +

Learning skills

Habiletés sociales
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