Ma Ligne Du Temps Montessori
Ma Ligne Du Temps Montessori
Ma Ligne Du Temps Montessori
Ma Ligne Du Temps Montessori
Ma Ligne Du Temps Montessori

Ma Ligne Du Temps Montessori


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An educational and illustrated timeline

The «Ma ligne du temps Montessori» illustrates the history of the evolution of life on Earth for our little faces eager for discoveries about the world around them. The goal of this activity is to give the child a global idea of all the forms of life that have existed on our planet until our appearance, in a popularized and visual way. Combined with the user guide providing him with all the information needed to develop his timeline, this exercise will stimulate the imagination of your little ones while making them want to know more, ask questions, or even ask questions. do research. Feed this thirst for learning by accompanying them in their efforts. A perfect research and association work for the most meticulous by cutting out and pasting the animals corresponding to the right period of time. Hours of fun!


  • An informative illustrated timeline
  • A blank timeline to complete
  • Around 120 drawings of animals and plants to cut out
  • Informative user guide to conduct the activity


  • Texts:Marie-Hélène Place
  • Illustrations:Marlène Normand
  • Proofreading by Thierry Tortosa, paleontologist
  • Publisher:Éditions Nathan
  • Dimensions of the friezes:2.5 meters in length each
  • Recommended age:From 6 years old
  • FSC certification


5-7 ans
8 ans et +

Learning skills

Histoire et Géographie
Sciences et Découvertes