Magnetibook 4 Seasons - Janod
Magnetibook 4 Seasons - Janod
Magnetibook 4 Seasons - Janod
Magnetibook 4 Seasons - Janod

Magnetibook 4 Seasons - Janod


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Learn the seasons in a fun way!

Magnetic educational cardboard game on the theme of the seasons. This educational game consists of 115 magnets and 4 cards. Once the book is open, the goal of the game is to reconstruct the scene indicated on the card using the magnets. An easy way to play while learning the theme of the seasons. MagnétiBook are smart educational games that can be transported and stored easily! Children love to create characters and make up stories for themselves. With MagnétiBook it becomes easy! MagnétiBooks are perfect for long car journeys or long waits. Practical, this game is easily transported and can be taken anywhere!


  • 115 magnets
  • 4 reproduction cards


  • Brand:Janod
  • Age:3 years old and over
  • Composition:Cardboard and magnet
  • Dimensions:19 x 4 x 26 cm
  • Care:Wet wipe, mild soap
  • Product of France, made in China


Janod has been a French producer of children's games since 1970. Their mission:To offer Fantasy in the daily life of children and this according to the main principles:1. To offer your children a break to escape; 2. Make your children dream; 3. Make your children happy through the fun of playing. Because every child is different, Janod creates smart toys that meet all their desires to help them develop their talents!


5-7 ans

Learning skills

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