Mon Cahier De Lecture Montessori

Mon Cahier De Lecture Montessori


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Activities to help with your kid's reading abilities

The «Mon cahier de lecture Montessori» from Editions Nathan brings together association activities inspired by language material found in schools advocating Montessori pedagogy:the box of objects, reading pockets, reading tickets and orders. They are aimed at toddlers who already master the sound of letters and will know how to stimulate their enthusiasm and their self-confidence by offering them words without phonetic difficulty. Tips for parents are displayed throughout the activities to guide the child while presenting the specific benefits of each activity for mini language development.


  • 3 sticker sheets
  • User Guide for Parents


  • Design:Sabine Kofmann, Marie Eschenbrenner
  • Illustrations:Roberta Rocchi
  • Publisher:Éditions Nathan
  • Recommended age:4 to 6 years old
  • Number of pages:53
  • supple cover
  • FSC certification


2-4 ans
5-7 ans

Learning skills

Lecture et écriture