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Mon Coffret L'histoire À Travers Les Costumes - Montessori


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Gentle introduction to history and the development of society

The Montessori box History through costumes allows us to gradually answer the questions of our young faces on history and the world through the emblematic costumes of each historical period. A concrete and lively way of introducing concepts specific to the succession of civilizations and their way of life. History is sometimes a more abstract school subject to tackle for the little ones because of its complexity. This set is an excellent way to introduce, by visual and mnemonic means, key concepts essential to understanding History and to finding one's bearings there easily.

History through costumes - how

This Montessori box provides a booklet allowing the child to familiarize himself with Prehistory, Antiquity, the Middle Ages, modern times and contemporary times. He will also explain to parents how to use the material made available to mini step by step in order to guide them in their research process. With your help and the informative booklet, your little one will associate the illustrated cards of the historical periods with the costume cards of the corresponding periods and will even be able to correct themselves.

When he has mastered these combinations of periods, eras and costumes, a timeline is made available to the child so that he can place them in order with the help of the booklet if necessary. He can start this work using the illustrated side of the frieze and once he has memorized the logical order of the cards he will be able to use the side with no illustrations. A stimulating job of locating, reading and classifying with the help of the booklet and illustrated maps. Hours of discovery!

Included :

  • A 2.5 meter time frieze
  • 6 maps of historical periods
  • 16 costume cards
  • 16 word tags
  • A booklet to understand the different eras and the evolution of society

Characteristics :

  • Authors: Marie Eschenbrenner and Sabine Hofmann
  • Illustrations: Roberta Rocchi
  • Publisher: Nathan Jeunesse (Montessori Collection)
  • Dimensions of the box: H: 4.5 x L: 21.5 x W: 18.5 centimeters
  • Intended for children aged 6 and over
  • FSC certified product


5-7 ans
8 ans et +

Learning skills

Histoire et Géographie
Ouverture sur le monde