Mon Grand Cahier Montessori De Noël - Larousse

Mon Grand Cahier Montessori De Noël - Larousse


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Welcome to the special Christmas Montessori course!

Thanks to more than 100 Christmas-themed activities, your child will gain in fine motor skills (cutting, gluing, assembling, writing), in logic (re-marking, counting) and in autonomy (cooking recipes, crafts)!

All the activities are as fun as they are educational! This notebook will allow your child to gain self-confidence by carrying out tasks that contribute to his development:participate in the decoration of the house and the tree, create pretty boxes thanks to patterns to make! Some activities even offer a cultural discovery by representing the traditions linked to Christmas in different parts of the world:Russia, Europe, America, etc.


  • Self-correcting vocabulary cards
  • Material to cut, glue or handle to decorate the house or play


  • Design:Lucille Hasiak
  • Publisher:Larousse
  • Dimensions of the box:21 x 28 cm
  • Pages:160
  • Age:4 years +

Learning skills

Lecture et écriture
Motricité fine et Tri
Ouverture sur le monde