Respiration magique - numérique

Respiration magique - numérique


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A tool designed to support children's big emotions!

Aahh the big emotions of our little ones! As their tolerance to frustration is very low in early childhood, children often have a tendency to explode over very little. Tantrums and big emotions can be very destabilizing for parents and children alike.

The "Respiration magique" poster is designed to help children of all ages deal with big emotions. When an emotion is felt, it can be accompanied by a number of physical symptoms, such as an accelerated heart rate, faster breathing, a lump in the stomach or throat, shivering, clenched fists and so on. Breathing is one of the most effective ways of calming the nervous system and regaining a state of calm.

The poster is therefore very helpful in helping children to breathe in a more playful and, above all, autonomous way! This poster is an excellent basis for preparing children to regulate their emotions themselves.

So, once a big emotion comes up, you can accompany him to a quiet corner where he can clearly communicate what he's feeling, so that you can help him deal with his physical symptoms. I strongly recommend using the Dans mon corps (émotions) to help your child better understand his emotions, and then move on to calming breathing. It will also go wonderfully with the l’affiche des émotions, and stratégies de retour au calme.

Characteristics :

  • This digital file
  • Author and Illustrator: Mélanie Fortier
  • Hand-painted
  • Made in Quebec
  • 2 to 10 years old
  • French product

IMPORTANT: A lot of work went into this tool, but I have every confidence that you will make good use of it, and that no one will give it away for free. For personal use only. The content is the intellectual property of Ouikid and reproduction is strictly prohibited.


Mélanie, special educator and educational consultant, content creator and writer, parenting and early childhood, and mother of two chicks. Ouikid is the combination of my two passions: my fascination for little humans and my strength in communications.

"I'm not so different from you! I too experience the ups and downs of parenthood. I face the same challenges as you. And like you, I want to raise strong, healthy and fulfilled children. We all want the best for our children, while at the same time being comfortable in our role. But sometimes it's hard to match our comfort and needs to those of our children! Changing our habits to use a gentler, more positive approach than the traditional education most of us have received can be confronting. But I'll be right behind you, guiding you, listening to you, reassuring you and encouraging you. Becoming a modern parent will be one of the greatest gifts you'll give your family!"


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2-4 ans
5-7 ans

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