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A pajama party with Martha Meuh, why not! In this colorful logic game, compete to find as quickly as possible the pig which is wearing clothes that match the colors of the two dice. The player who collects the most pigs wins the game. To make the game even more difficult, use the puzzle mission cards which will give you additional restrictions.

Pajama party works on the sense of observation and deduction, recognition of colors as well as shapes and objects, problem solving and speed of processing information.


  • 21 Meuh's friends tokens
  • 2 wooden dice
  • 21 reflection cards
  • Instructions

From 3 to 6 years.

Chalk & Chuckles games are eco-responsible:

  • Made of recycled papers
  • Uses non-toxic soy ink
  • Does not use any power supply


5-7 ans

Learning skills


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