Suzi À La Plage - Coffret Premières Lectures Montessori

Suzi À La Plage - Coffret Premières Lectures Montessori


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Books to progress towards fluent reading

The «Le coffret Premières lectures Montessori - Suzi à la plage» box set by Éditions Nathan is made up of three short stories that will promote the mastery of complex sounds essential for everyday reading. Each story focuses on letters that sound the same. For example, Suzi's story at the beach distinguishes between the letter"g"and the letter"j"as well as their phonetic peculiarities.


Faithful to the principle of Maria Montessori"help me to do it alone", these 3 tender and funny stories of Tom and Suzi are for children who are taking their first steps in reading. They use very simple, phonetic words and short sentences.

In this level 3 set, each story includes a complex sound, the sounds é, è, ê and the words"and","is","a", in order to progress towards current reading.


  • Book"Suzi at the beach"
  • Book"Merci Papa!""
  • Book"The suitcase"


  • Texts:Chantal Bouvÿ, Sabine Hofmann
  • Illustrations:Amandine Meyer
  • Publisher:Éditions Nathan
  • Level 3 Montessori first readings box
    • c, ç=s
    • s=z
    • g=j
  • “Advice for parents” section at the end of each book
  • 3 books - 3 stories
  • supple cover
  • FSC certification


5-7 ans

Learning skills

Lecture et écriture