Playdough mats
Playdough mats
Playdough mats

Playdough mats


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Learning mats with multiple possibilities!

This double-sided play mat familiarizes children with either the alphabet or colors and shapes. Fully laminated for easy cleaning! :)

Two formats :

  1. Shapes and colors - One side has shapes, the other has balloons
  2. Letters - One side contains uppercase, the other lowercase

Characteristics :

  • From 3 years
  • Made in Canada
  • Dimensions: 11 x 17 inches

Dough Parlour

As an early childhood educator, driven to inspire through sensory play, Natalie, the founder, has spent over 10 years refining and challenging her dough recipe to create an epic experience… Natalie understood the connection between smell and neurophysiology. She infused her dough with delicious scents (100% food!) to stimulate the senses, emotions and memory. She introduced children to surprising scents and colors in each season to coincide with learning themes, and deliberately created her dough in soft hues, neutrals and pleasant pastels, to foster a warm and soothing environment.


2-4 ans
5-7 ans

Learning skills

Couleurs et Formes
Motricité fine et Tri