Tavuleur? - A Very Busy Day - Vilac
Tavuleur? - A Very Busy Day - Vilac
Tavuleur? - A Very Busy Day - Vilac

Tavuleur? - A Very Busy Day - Vilac


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Fun educational activity to find your way through time

Tavuleur - A very busy day - de Vilac is a card game for learning to tell the time and find your way through time. The object of the game is to put as many cards as possible on the board according to the time at which the needle is placed. When the hand has gone through the 24 hours of the clock, the player with the most cards placed in front of him wins the game. A board game filled with twists and turns, perfect for working on mathematics, memory, observation skills and spatio-temporal reasoning.

Alone or with an adult, children can also train and learn to tell the time with the classic clock on the back of the game board. Training cards will allow them to decipher the digital times while writing them on the board. clock by rotating the hands.


Game preparation: The game board (clock) is installed on the side showing the numbers 1 to 24, as well as the hands. Five cards are dealt to each player and the rest of the cards constitute the draw pile. The board is divided into 7 colored parts, which illustrate the different periods of a day, that is to say the alarm clock, the morning, the noon, the afternoon, the end of the afternoon, the evening and the night.

Course of the game: Players take turns clockwise. The hand is pointed at 7 a.m. (start flag). The youngest player starts. Before playing, make sure you always have 5 cards in your hand. At the start of their turn, each player must draw a card. He can then either place a card in front of him and begin to fill his day, or place it in the discard pile, face up, if he cannot play. You can only play one card at a time.

It's the next player's turn. A disc is indicated on each card and is made up of one or more colors: it (s) indicate (s) the period of the day when a card can be placed on the game board. There is sometimes also a number. in the pellet: when a card with a number in the pellet is placed, the hand in the center of the plate advances as many hours as the number indicated. Some cards have a multicolored dot, meaning they can be placed on the game board at any time of the day / night.

There are many action cards that add spice to the game. Once played, they are automatically placed in the discard pile. Steal cards from a player, have the right to place several cards of the same suit in one turn, renew their entire hand ...

The game is over when the 24 hours are up. The winner is the one who put the most cards on the game board, the one who filled his day the best.

Included :

  • A double-sided puzzle game boardso
  • 104 playing cards
  • 3 training cards»
  • Fabric storage bag

Characteristics :

  • Package dimensions: H: 16 centimeters high by 15 centimeters in diameter
  • Number of players: 2 to 6
  • Recommended age: 5 years and over
  • Not suitable for children 3 years old and under - Small parts
  • Material: Wood, cardboard


5-7 ans
8 ans et +

Learning skills

Habiletés sociales
Mémoire et Observation