The Christmas Elf - Book

The Christmas Elf - Book


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Discover the original story of the Christmas Elf in this illustrated album.

The story:
Emma and Maxime love Christmas! Usually, Advent seems like an eternity to them. However, this year, an unexpected visit will make them experience all the twists and turns, surprises and giggles, because finding a pixie in your house is simply magical!

And you, is there an elf who came to visit you?


  • This book is a delight for the eyes: a nice text by Roxane Bergeron-Moreau and splendid illustrations by Isabelle Charbonneau, to discover and rediscover!
  • Little Maxime and his big sister Emma are very endearing characters, loved by young readers.
  • An imaginary universe close to the daily life of children. More and more Quebec families have introduced the traditions of Christmas elves into their holiday rituals.

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