Un À Zéro Pour Charlot - Fonfon
Un À Zéro Pour Charlot - Fonfon
Un À Zéro Pour Charlot - Fonfon
Un À Zéro Pour Charlot - Fonfon

Un À Zéro Pour Charlot - Fonfon


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An incredible book that addresses the theme of the disease treated by alternating fantasy and reality!

«Me, Charlot, I am going to war. An unusual war.

It took a whole regiment of doctors and nurses to reassure my mom and dad. They live everything upside down, this story of cancer and nuclear medicine»

An allegorical story dealing with the delicate subject of illness in children, in a light and tender tone! Funny monsters and bespectacled doctors shape the universe of a brave little boy and his favorite soft toy!

The unfolded imaginary universe entertains the child and alleviates the delicacy of the subject. At the same time, the realism of the scenes in the hospital allows the child to familiarize himself with the health system.

Activities related to the book:

  • Error game
  • Memory game
  • Coloring

You are interested You just have to go to the bottom of this page and download the activity (ies) of your choice.


  • Author: Jannick Lachapelle
  • Illustrator:Yesterday
  • Printed in Quebec
  • Number of pages: 32
  • Format:23 x 26.7 cm

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