Un Ami Lumineux
Un Ami Lumineux

Un Ami Lumineux


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A bright friend who reminds us that empathy is a wonderful tool!

Now that his parents are separated, Ludo has two houses: one in the country, the other in the city. The boy doesn't really like going to his father's house, where he doesn't have any friends, even though he loves the hustle and bustle of the city and the traffic lights fascinate him. He is even convinced that a little man is hiding in the pole, working night and day to regulate the traffic. Listening only to his big heart, the little boy goes out into the night to try to reward this valiant shadowworker. A tender and luminous text, highlighted by watercolors in vibrant colors, which reminds us that empathy and generosity are wonderful tools to overcome pain.
  • from 3 years
  • hard cover
  • 22 cm x 27 cm
  • 32 pages
  • Written by Simon Boulerice
  • Illustrated by Marilyn Faucher
  • Leaf through an extract

Simon Boulerice is a successful jack-of-all-trades. Radio columnist (The more the merrier, the more we read!) And TV (This year, Sweet and salty, Good evening Good evening, The hour is serious, Formula Diaz, We are going to say it), he also navigates between the game , the staging, but above all the writing. He writes theater, poetry and novels, both for adults and for children. Among his fifty titles, he is the author of the famous Simon has always loved dancing, Martine at the beach, Javotte, Edgar Paillettes, PIG, The boys run faster, Florence and Leon and L’Enfant mascara. His works, translated into seven languages, have been nominated, among others, for the Governor General's Award, the Booksellers 'Awards and the Critics' Awards. For TV, he writes for the new version of Passe-Partout in addition to signing all the texts for the series Six degrees, broadcast on Radio-Canada.


2-4 ans
5-7 ans
8 ans et +

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