"My son was thrilled to answer the questions. We both had fun using his photos and drawings to record his Kindergarten year."

My school memories

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My School Memories turns every child’s school years into a unique story by teaching them emotional intelligence and self-motivation, by helping build self-esteem and enabling them to become more resilient. The journal will become a precious family heirloom that captures your child’s changes, achievements, and dreams from childhood through to adolescence.


Whether your child is just entering Kindergarten or is already in high school, you can start recording your child’s school memories whenever you want, using the most comprehensive and popular journal on the market.

Product details

There are three different versions of the My School Memories notebook: 

1. One for the Quebec school system, with a yellow cover and 10 storage pockets;
2. One for the French-Canadian system outside Quebec, with a white cover and 10 storage pockets;
3. One for the English-Canadian school system, with a blue cover and 14 storage pockets.


Each year has different set of questions for your child, so you can keep track of their changes. There's also a pocket at the end of each year for storing all your child's souvenirs – photos, drawings, report cards, etc. – in one place. Each elementary school year is divided into 5 sections:
- My First Day
- All About Me
- All About My Class
- My Last Day
- My Dreams for the Future 

There’s one page for each of the high school years, so we can check in with our sometimes-uncommunicative teens!
This notebook is a great way to keep school memories safe, whether physical items or more intangible details, such as how they felt on the first day of school, the names of their friends, their favourite activities and subjects, and the areas they’d like to improve.

Product Specs

Language: English

Concept and graphic design: Mylène Purcell

Dimensions: W: 9.5” x L: 12”

Number of pages: 52

Hard cover

Binding: Wire spiral

14 built-in storage pockets


Get your child’s school year off to a great start with Pomango’s My School Memories notebook!

Keep all your memories safe with this treasure chest of precious moments

Throughout the year, your child brings home drawings, crafts and report cards as well as stories, achievements and memories. 


My School Memories enables you to keep all those treasures in one place. It’s everything you need to give your child positive feedback on the year that just ended! 

Fostering self-development

The day-to-day activities in the journal help you child focus on using positive self-talk and developing a positive self-image. 


They also get your child thinking more about personal development, tackling challenges, and help them develop self-confidence and gratitude. 

Promoting positive reinforcement 

Because it’s based on positive thinking, the My School Memories journal is a great way for you to give your child positive feedback on the school year, by going over the encouraging and motivating questions you asked your child throughout the year. 


Questions like: What’s my greatest strength? What could I do better next year? What’s my favourite subject, and what subject did I do well in this year? 


The primary school sections contain a number of motivational quotes, helping children realize that they are their own greatest achievement. 

From kindergarten to high school

With different versions for the Quebec, French-Canadian and English-Canadian school systems, the journal has a section for each school year, filled with questions and activities to share with your child.

14 built-in storage pockets

14 pockets for storing your child’s art projects, photos, teacher’s notes, report cards, and more! 

Durable & long-lasting

The journal’s sturdy but lightweight hard cover ensures your child's masterpieces and souvenirs are protected for years to come.

Designed with care in canada

Illustrated by talented Canadian artist Mylène Purcell, the journal enables parents and children to share happy memories as they take a constructive look back at the school year.

What do parents think of the my school memories journal?

A great keepsake!

“This notebook is more than a wonderful keepsake of our child. It also meant we could share quality time with him during those all-important school years. The book is top-notch quality, and the design is superb. I love the pockets, for storing extra mementos such as photos, drawings, certificates, and so on."

-Caroline L.

A fantastic product!

“The school memories book is such a great product! It keeps all our memories in one place, plus we can write things in it with our kids! My son loves looking at his book and showing it to his friends! Thanks so much for this great product! 😉”

- Guillaume P

A real keeper!

“I know that my daughters will treasure the school memories in this book forever, and knowing that gives me such a thrill! As soon as I gave them each their album, they started looking for photos and artwork to put in the pockets – even the little one, who still goes to daycare, hahahaha! Seriously, great gift idea!”

-Ornella P.

It shows how quickly they change!

“There's tons of room for photos, lots of questions you can ask your child. I really like the pages that focus on going back to school, during the year, and then at the end of the year. Looking back at them shows us how quickly our little ones change and grow!”

-Catherine A.

Awesome book!

“What an awesome book! Top-notch quality, lovely artwork, and lots of space for writing stuff, adding photos and keeping souvenirs. Love the inspirational quotes! Great product. I recommend it to everyone!"

-Geneviève C.

A book you’ll treasure forever!

“I love this book! My daughter and I answer the questions together as the year goes by. The drawings are cute and my daughter has fun colouring them in. The separate pockets for storing each year’s souvenirs are such a great idea. Plus, it’s great quality so it’ll keep forever. All in all, a great buy!”

-Veronique D.

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