Single file

Educational activities for fire prevention

The Indian File offers you a starter set made up of pictures and educational cards to educate your little one about fire prevention. You will find attached a picture book filled with vocabulary specific to fire prevention as well as illustrations of steps to follow in the event of a fire where your child will have to name and identify each step in the correct order with your help. The good behaviors to adopt and the bad behaviors to be avoided in the event of a fire are highlighted through six images and three educational sheets are offered so that your little one can easily identify potentially hot objects as well as the number to contact in the event of a fire. 'emergency.

  • 9 pictures on the topic of fire prevention
  • 5 images representing the steps to follow in the event of a fire
  • 6 images of good and bad behavior to adopt or not in the event of a fire
  • 3 educational sheets on fire prevention