5 reasons why choose wooden toys

Torn between the popularity of the plastic toy promoted in the majority of department stores and the traditional side and the respect for the planet of the wooden toy advocated by small shops and designers here, one wonders which to choose. Note that the wooden toy has a multitude of advantages over the plastic toy.

Here are the many advantages of turning to the wooden toy

ArbreIt is environmentally friendly

When the toy is of good quality, the wood it is made from comes from sustainably managed forests. Its environmental impact is far less than plastic since it mainly contains petroleum. Why not take the opportunity to teach your child respect for nature and the environment

Produit localIt is made here or in Europe

For the most part, plastic toys are made in Asia, unlike wooden toys which, more and more, are produced in Quebec. Not only is it better for the environment, it also encourages businesses here. It's a great way to grow our economy and educate children about buying locally.

NaturelIt is not toxic to health

Wood is a noble and natural element, and often the finishes of toys are vegetable oil or beeswax. For colors, they are water-based dyes or lead-free environmentally friendly paints. Substances used in plastic toys are often the subject of articles pointing to their potential harmfulness ...

Jouet pédagogiqueIt is often educational

The design of wooden toys is generally turned towards a more educational and educational approach than plastic toys, while keeping the playful dimension. It does not make noise, does not blink, it is ideal for awakening the senses, it is soft, pleasant to the touch and it smells good. It leaves plenty of room for creativity and helps the child develop his imagination

Rapport qualité prixIts only downside, if there is one…

The higher price, due to its craftsmanship and the quality of the materials used, may be a drag for some families, but by investing in this type of toy you are assured of its reliability and durability. The service life of the wooden toy exceeds that of the PVC material toy. It can be kept as a childhood memory or passed on from the oldest to the youngest.

Mini buying guide

Pleasant to the touch, skillfully decorated, giving off a natural scent, wooden toys are perfect for awakening your children's senses in a fun and educational way.

Here are some examples

Holztiger's wooden animals for animal lovers and to open up to an endless imaginary world.

Ensemble animaux HolztigerAnimaux HolztigerFree play toys from Grapat. A free-play toy allows the child to develop his imagination through the creation of his own vision. The toys are naked and united so as to allow the child to project his universe, character, story on the toy in question. He then works on his imagination, his creativity and his awakening.

Gnômes GrapatJeux de tri

Moulin Roty's toolbox. With all these tools, your child will be able to play big by tinkering with his mum or dad!

La boite à outils

Uncle Goose's wooden blocks, nothing like the classics to help a child learn to read, write, sort and have fun.

Blocs dinausoresBlocs lettres et chiffres

Grimm's toys and their million possibilities for the imagination, fine motor skills, sorting, learning colors ...

Tour à empilerArc-en-cielMaisons

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