Extraordinary women, professionals and mothers join us

Eager to send you more than just information about our products, Pomango has established multiple collaborations with mothers, women, professionals, but above all, exceptional people who will share their experiences, knowledge and adventures with you. While telling you about their adventures, they will open the door to their world, their tips and tricks as well as their educational philosophies!

Zoé L. Sirois - Five minutes to play

Zoé L. Sirois

Mother of four girls and one boy, educator, passionate child development, Zoé is a blogger and stay-at-home mom who has discovered the world of Montessori, Waldorf and Steiner pedagogy after the birth of his first daughter. Every day she chooses to rethink her vision everyday life with your children, inspired by meaningful pedagogies for her rather than following the norm.

Letting her instinct guide her, she opted for a simple and joyful routine based on minimalist, slowness, free play, caring education, reading and cooking.

Thanks to his blog and his Facebook page Cinq minutes pour play, Zoé shares with her 4,000 subscribers her inspirations, her path and its pedagogical approach in order to inspire parents to take time to play with their little ones, simply.

Pascale Clavel - Another blog from mom

Words and Pascale, it's a story of passion, hesitation, then elation that officially took off on the benches of the University of Montreal, in literary creation. She also has started his blog after the first year of his mini's life in order to reconnect with writing, a part of herself in constant turmoil.

Holder of a B.A.C.C. in teaching and a master's degree in French literature, Pascale Clavel, once Chacha's mother (5 years old) and Loulou (2 years old), proudly metamorphosed into mom at home and hardworking

Pascale Clavet

autonomous in order to better meet the needs of its new family reality. She keeps precious and wonderful memories of her life a teacher of French and literature in secondary school, but also beautiful plots of magic that she knew how to savor during her beginnings in the profession at primary. You can take the girl out of school, but never the school out of the girl! .

Founder of the blog Another blog from mom, Pascale and her employees offer sometimes educational, sometimes humorous and sometimes anecdotal to its loyal readers. Followed by more than 6,000 people on Facebook, the talented woman devotes herself body and soul to her blog and her role of mother. She also signs tickets on Ta Tribu and on BB Jetlag.

Pascale will offer a variety of content in partnership with Pomango that you will find on our Facebook pages.

Bianka Loiselle

Bianka Loiselle - Single file

Graduated in early childhood education from Cégep de Sherbrooke and responsible for a private family environment since

December 2015, Bianka Loiselle is a creative woman, in love with children and overflowing imagination. His job allows him to meet his needs, as well as those children.

Being a grandchild herself, she rejoices just as much as his daycare buddies to explore the world. Talented, her taste for creation led her to create a multitude of activities for children that she shared on his Facebook page Single file followed by more than 2,000 most interactive people. She is therefore gives great pleasure to inventing all kinds of colorful games and stimulants for children: song box, creative scenes, thematic crafts, educational games, etc. In short, a project does not wait the other. Its objective: to facilitate both professional life and personal care of people in the early childhood field.

Why share most of his projects But, why keep it all to herself She much prefers to help those who do not have or no time to think and create all this material. The idea of helping others providing them with the necessary materials for a hassle-free day or simply inspiring them is his real source of motivation!

In partnership with Pomango, Bianka will occasionally develop activities related to products from our online store in order to inspire and give you some educational avenues. In addition, all activities that she will share will now be found in PDF on our online store, free of charge, to make them accessible to the pleasure of all!



After long months and years of waiting, Mamandala is now the happy mother of two young daughters. Having always loved children and having always been surrounded by children, it was a deep desire to have them. For women, it is by becoming a mother in turn that she discovered many facets of her personality.

Very beautiful, but also darker ones, which she hadn't expected. This is how, with her partner, she discovered benevolent education, or education in conscience. A lot of reading, a lot of questioning (some would say too much) later Mamandala is now putting into practice (or she tries the best she can) the principles of this way of seeing parenthood and family life. It is through trials, but also errors that the parents have created their own model, their nest and their family full of love and strong emotions. With an interest in so-called alternative pedagogies such as Montessori and Waldorf-Steiner, among others, they try to find a balance between their values and the modern rhythm of life.

Passionate about writing, the woman kept journals and notebooks for many years. For 2 or 3 years now, she has been revising the texts of other bloggers. It was there that she realized that she not only had the ability to write her own texts, share her color and put her thoughts into words, but also the terrible urge to share her experiences.

This is how I proposed to this woman to join the Pomango team. It is with great pleasure that she will share with you her discoveries, tips and tricks that work well in her family bubble.

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