Encourage thirst for discovery

No one says to a baby, It's time to learn to roll around or It's time to talk. We are content to be amazed to see our child progress. Over the years, children acquire new skills and knowledge at their own pace, but it still takesême stimulate their taste for discovery by promoting and encouraging new experiences.

Provide the raw material

First, give your child the necessary materials to engage in activitiescreative , then let him do it . Store supplies - papers, crayons, scissors, paint, paintbrushes, modeling clay - in easily accessible places. With all of these tools at their fingertips, your child won't need to ask permission to start exploring a new idea.

Activité créative pour favoriser le développement de l'enfantAccessibilité du matériel créatif

Accessibilité du matériel créatifFavoriser l'imaginaireFavoriser l'imaginaire

Lessons from nature

Whether they gallop in the woods, on the beach or in the parks, children love nature, this open, tactile and constantly changing world. In addition to being fun, outdoor walks are also an opportunity to get some exercise and discover new sounds, smells, textures and other mysteries of nature. Create a place for them where they can experiment with what nature has to offer. Make potions of flowers, mud or stones. Play in the dirt and get your hands dirty without getting scolded.

Découvrir la nature simplementDécouvrir les couleurs de la natureIdées d'activités en lien avec la nature

Potion naturelleCréation artistique avec la nature

Small collectors

Many children are passionate collectors. Allow them to keep their findings (you can sort them from time to time). If you put one or two shelves on them, they will create their own natural history museum to display twigs, branches, rocks, pebbles, tree leaves and shells collected during their walks. They can even label items in their collection to remember the place and date of their discovery, especially if they came from a trip.

Collectionner les éléments de la natureIdée de rangement pour collectionneurs

Nature as a source of inspiration

Nature is full of inspiration for ideas for activities that will lead children to discover it from different angles. Go treasure hunts with them, either by looking for items that match a photo or a color.

Make collages or weaves of leaves, stems, twigs and flowers. Create decorations or gifts for Mother's Day with spring flowers and leaves.

For sunny hikers' day, draw cheerful characters on the stones or write happy words that you will leave in your way.

Bricolage avec bâtonsBricolage floralBricolage insectesÉcrire son nom avec des éléments de la nature

Let them discover the world around them, it is a great source of learning .

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Le botaniste - Moulin RotyHôtel à insectes

Découvrir la nature en villeMa pochette sur la natureDécouvrir les insectes

Good discovery!

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