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My reading nook is the largest play area in my day care service. Measuring over 13 feet by 6 feet, he is by far the most popular area for children. It surprises you. Well not me. Perhaps is it because I have a rather quiet group, but come to think of it; no not really If you want my opinion, this corner arouses the interest of children, because it is soft, comfortable, lined with material, but above all intimate. Yes Yes, respondent!

Privacy is a need that I consider important for every person. Each person needs to meditate or to rest a moment. So why not your children

Some tips for a reading corner success

Make this corner the most comfortable possible . Line your reading corner with a rug, cushions, soft toys, so that your reading corner is the most comfortable and as interesting as possible.

Delimit a more intimate space. I recommend that you set up your reading corner in a space isolated from sound from the surrounding area. Indeed, it will promote concentration and sense of intimacy in children. To do this, put in place separations so that other children who are in other play areas do not encroach not in quiet space. You can also create a more enclosed space using a tipi or playhouse.

Stock your reading nook with materials various to explore that will catch the eye and spark children's interest. You can add baskets full of picture books, alphabet cards, soft toys, sensory bottles, etc. Do not forget to take inspiration from needs and interests of children. I invite you to take a look at my inventory of equipment and my favorite products. Who knows, maybe you will discover new ideas.

Make this corner comfortable for YOU also . If like me you love to tell stories to children, I recommend that you bring a comfortable chair. What either on the floor or at a height, choose a chair that you will love! I considers it important that we too have a comfortable place to relax, settle down to console the children or have glue-down moments with them.

A decorative wall in just a few steps EASY

Several of you ask me where I found the stickers to make my decorative wall in my reading corner. So there, surprise: I painted this wall MYSELF! Well! Aside from the deer ... In fact, this one is a sticker from the Quebec company ADzif.

Think again, it's SUPER easy to do! here is my process in 5 simple steps:

  • Step 1 - Paint 2-3 coats of paint on your wall, to create a base layer. You can use the color of your choice. In my case, I used a rather pale gray. Wait for it to dry completely before doing the second step.

  • Step 2 - Make a semblance of a tree, using of cutting tape. You don't need your trees to be straight. Add branches and details to add realism (bark, stripes, etc.).

  • Step 3 - Paint the inside of the trees brown or white according to the type of trees desired. Add layers of paint, need.

  • Step 4 - make sure the paint is dry before removing the tape.

  • Step 5 - Add animal stickers to your taste.

My local equipment inventory reading and its origin

  • Carpet HAMPEN 4’4’’x 6’5 ’’ - Ikea
  • Teepee gray herringbone - iloveteepee (Canadian product)
  • Chair POANG for adults - Ikea
  • Sticker roe deer - ADzif
  • Furniture JAVA with 5 compartments - Canac
  • Plush: Big Bad Wolf and the 3 Little Pigs (Ikea), Biscuit (Pomango)
  • Books various
  • Picture book of all kinds (the alphabet, numbers, children of other nationalities, emotions, etc.)
  • Cushions + soft toys
  • Chair fox armchair - Wish
  • Baskets - Village of values
  • Furniture bookcase style storage cabinet - Canac
  • A few decorations

My favorites products

Pomango Kimboo Evolutionary Wooden Balance Board

Kids love this evolutionary board! It can be used as a balance board, a running track, a motor obstacle, but here the children very much like to use it as a rocking chair for reading and resting. In addition, this multifunction board is made here, in Quebec!

Magnet sets (daily activities andeveryday routine for toddlers) from the Quebec brand Minimo

Minimo magnets are great for locating children in time using beautiful, colorful pictures. Designed with the help of educational professionals, they are suitable for our busy routines. The magnets are a nice size, they are visible from near and far. These products are very practical for our moments of gathering with the children. Another Quebec product in my favorites!

Yoga cards, Yogimini by Émilie

I don't know about you, but the kids here love yoga. We recently discovered the Yogimini cards and we find them superb! Suitable for young children, the postures allow you to relax while having fun. These 100% Quebec cards add a little touch of happiness to our days.

Fridge magnets Alphabetical list of animals of the world and fridge magnets Numbers 1 to 10 by Cathy Faucher Illustration

Initially, I wanted to find a simple way to display the alphabet in my day care center while still keeping a clean look. I started shopping around for my options and then I came across these two absolutely magnificent Quebec products. Working with watercolor paint myself in my spare time, I fell in love with these little magnets displaying animals from here and elsewhere. I added a mini magnetic board in my reading nook and voila. Children spend a lot of time playing with this painting. A favorite for young and old!

Head full of projects

Mysong box, a much appreciated and coveted tool by children. This is a box full of nursery rhymes written on colorful cards. The children choose the songs they like best and we sing them. To get the song box, you can find it in my free zone on the Pomango site.

Asupport of houses, for the history of Three Little Pigs. Made from cardboard and felt, these materials for the story of the Three Little Pigs are all the rage in my group. You can get the plans in my free zone on the site from Pomango.

A calm delivery bin. This tool is very useful when you want to help a friend calm down or if he just wants to rest. I regularly vary my equipment with sensory bottles, stress balls, a picture emotions, etc. I made a video a few months ago in order to present the material in my current basket. It is available on my Facebook page! Otherwise, the cards are available in my free zone on the Pomango site.

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