Share the love of reading with your little ones

Introducing your 3 to 5 year old to the world while making him love reading, it's easy with this selection of children's books! Read these stories to your child to make them dream and to help them grow and flourish.

Livres Montessori

My Little Montessori Stories from Nathan Editions is a collection of children's books based on Montessori pedagogy. A method which is considered to be an aid to life. Her interest lies in the fact that she listens to the child, respects her pace of learning and helps her develop her autonomy and self-confidence. A pedagogy which is therefore far from classical methodologies and which considers the child as an actor in his own learning. At the end of each story, there is nothing more motivating than an activity to prolong your reading!

La promenadeThe walk

Themes: A history and an activity focused on the observation of nature, flora and fauna .

Age : From 3 years old

In short : The whole family goes for a picnic near the big oak tree. But along the way, Émy and Liv find lots of treasures and the walk suddenly takes another turn! Thanks to the activity at the end, you build your own nature observation table.

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Le goûterAfternoon tea

Themes: The snack explains the different steps to follow when cooking, without forgetting the storage.

Age : From 3 years old

In short : Émy and Liv invited friends over for a snack. They want to bake them a good bread ... but they do not agree on the recipe. Using the activity at the end, bake buns.

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Livres philozodés

The Philozides published by Nathan, the collection that shakes up preconceived ideas! There is not just one answer to the big questions of life. There is not just one way of thinking. It's up to everyone to discover, search, build their own ...

L'amour et l'amitiéLove and friendship

Themes: This book explores the love of lovers, that of parents and children, the complex relationships between siblings, friendship, passions, self-esteem and many other essential topics.

Age : From 5 years old

In short : Twelve ideas on what to love are confronted in this book: some think that friendship can be born and disappear in an instant, others that it only exists in the long term. Some love themselves, others don't ...

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C'est bien, c'est malIt's good, it's bad

Themes: This book explores questions on the border between good and evil, moral subjectivity, respect for the law, generosity, necessary evil, bad thoughts, and other essential topics ...

Age : From 5 years old

In short : Twelve ideas on good and evil collide in this book: some think that we can clearly distinguish good from evil, others that evil can sometimes take the appearance of good. Some find that good is natural to man, others that it requires effort ...

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Livres d'Archibald

At the Albin Michel Jeunesse editions, we find the beautiful books and the pretty stories of Archibald, a little boy imagined by Pauline Martin and Astrid Desbordes, who evolves in a benevolent and poetic universe. Pauline Martin's illustrations, subtle in both line and color, strongly underline the delicacy of these stories filled with love.

Mon amourMy love

Themes: Contrary situations, showing that maternal love is constant and unconditional.

Age : From 3 years old, but talking about love to your children doesn’t wait, so it’s a bit when you finally want to !!!

In short : At bedtime, Archibald asks his mom if she will love him all her life. A big question that brings a multitude of answers from his mother who, yes, will always love her little boy.

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Ce que papa m'a ditWhat daddy told me

Themes: Kindness, self-building, welcoming emotions and obviously unconditional love.

Age : From 3 years old

In short : As Archibald and his dad walk around, Archibald wonders if he will ever get as far as the swallows that go to the other side of the earth. The opportunity for his dad to give him self-confidence and reassure him about the future.

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