Some activities to celebrate Easter and spring

Spring is slow to show us that it has already arrived for a few weeks, but nothing prevents us from celebrating it! It is also interesting to note that Easter will be the eve of Earth Day this year. So many good reasons to celebrate nature and all its beauties. Here are some ideas that you can do at home with your little ones.

The sensory tank

Bac sensoriel du printemps

To do this activity, you need a good size bin, either plastic or wood. You can put fresh grass, some pebbles, small shovels and rakes, pots of different sizes, a smaller bin containing soil, flowers and some toys. To add a paschal touch, you could add the set ofpastel colored wooden balls.

And to integrate insects or animals without endangering them and without finding them everywhere in the house, you could get yourselfbutterflies and other small figurines.

This activity allows you to observe the different textures, use touch to discover hidden objects, develop motor skills by pouring soil from one pot to another, etc.

To see pictures of this great activity, you can visit the blog ofcreative moods.

Easter mini-garden

Jardin dans une coquille d'oeufIt is quite possible that you will make omelets or quiches for Easter brunch. But what to do with all its empty shells Once rinsed well, here is a nice little project. Turn these natural cuts into mini gardening pots. Just keep the egg carton and place the half shells in it. You can put soil there as well as some seeds. This activity will allow children to garden indoors, while the ground has not yet thawed outside. This contact with nature and growing life is a great learning opportunity for them, as well as a good way to live the present moment.

The hunt for colors

In an empty egg carton, drop a little paint of different colors in each space. Once the paint has dried, you can explore nature with your children. The objective is to find items of each color. Children will therefore look for flowers above all, but also for herbs, stones and other finds. We deposit the discoveries in each space. This activity allows theexploration of spring colors. A great outing, as soon as the weather permits.

I hope these few suggestions will inspire you or give you other ideas to mark this beautiful time of year. Have fun!

Signed Catherine Duguay, alias Mamandala

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