Find your child's heart ❤

More a month has passed since social distancing measures been imposed by the government.

More of a month that we sail in unknown waters and that human stupidity shows us the worst of which she is sometimes capable. For example, by fighting for toilet paper rolls…

More of a month that the same individuals cry, over and over again, from the comfort of their living room.

For quote Yvon Deschamps in his monologue du Bonheur:

« It sucks so much for all they don't have that don't even have time to notice what they are have! If everyone stopped whining for 1 minute [...] I'm telling you would go on complaining that would not be long!

Obviously, the situation is not easy for many and I remain empathetic in the face of different realities. Some have little help with the children, others are in a situation of financial insecurity, many live in all kinds anguish, frustration and anger. We are forced to admit that we are all out of our comfort zone on different levels.

But there are always two sides to the coin, and it is possible to find positive in everything: we have the power to see the glass half full or half empty.

And I strongly believe that there is more than the negative in what we experience currently. On the contrary!

To this subject, let me tell you my little story…

I have happiness, incredible luck and I would even say the privilege of living these moments with a 9 month old baby girl. A tiny human being, coming out of his comfort zone every day, maybe even several times a day.

In spending my days with our little Madeleine, I make a bundle of things. She's 9 months old, doesn't even know how to speak yet, but god damn it when we are attentive, these little animals can teach us thousands of things. It is breathtaking!

It does not need to speak ... She communicates through the universal language of life. I like to believe that we all have this ability to master this language. That he is possible to understand each other without uttering a single word, but that some of us lose this ability over time. Babies are capable.

Madeleine, from the top of her 9 months, wandering on all fours, is 100% connected with this language. You just have to observe her gaze when she meets our cat. The understanding is mutual ... The love that they exchange is almost tangible! Me, if I grab my cat firmly by the ear, he might hold up. On the other hand, when our little girl does it, in discovery mode, curiosity and innocence, the cat does not flinch! It's crazy, they understand each other!

Back to it what these little human beings teach us day after day.

I look at Madeleine and what she makes me realize is how human is fundamentally strong and flexible at the same time, courageous, generous, curious, caring and filled with love.

Have you got already calculated the relative strength of a baby It is a real ball of muscles and energy! When a baby decides it's not right for them, we know it fast enough! When my daughter pushes something, even objects that are believes too muchp heavy for a baby no are not.

These little beings just ask to move, explore and discover. However, behind all this strength is also a great flexibility. All of these postures that a baby can do, all those falls where my daughter gets up like if nothing had happened, how fascinating! We should all be inspired by it.

And courage, let's talk about it! These babies and children who live every day new experiences, living through repeated failures, having to get up, push, force, try again, continue to move forward and see further: that's all magic fact!
This stubbornness and perseverance is beautiful to see. And we, the adults, are we brave like our children?

When I watch my daughter approach me and smile at me, when I see her caressing her doggies and her dolls, our caring nature does no doubt.

Madeleine Sometimes hands me a piece of what she's eating so that I can taste it. She holds out her hand to me, comes to lend me her toys and all her treasures. Isn't that an example that proves how far we are, at the origin, generous beings

Then, we notice curiosity in children. As soon as we present them with some something new, there is almost always this research movement: they want to know, discover, understand. Have we taken care of this precious curiosity, or do we take things for granted, sometimes jaded by our own existence

A baby, it's pure and it's filled with love.

This is maybe normal since it's just barely a year and a half since love created my baby girl! She flounders still in that love so it's not that far away for her. She is still far from the ego which often hurts adults.

In short, babies are all that: they are strong, flexible, courageous, generous, curious, benevolent. And they are beings of love. Because in the light of all I see, Madeleine reminds me, quite simply, that he does not never stop LOVING.

that love is the basis of life.
that this love must be cultivated properly and regularly, otherwise we could easily fall into the trap of human stupidity.
Let's be mature and sane enough to observe this purity.
who is right there by our side.
Appreciate this subtle simplicity.
who every little baby lives. Every child.
Since what we hold most dear is our child's heart, our infinite love.


-Antoine Larochelle

Photo credit: Colin Maynard / Unsplash

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