An ecological play corner, one step at a time

Fed up with the mess in my storage room, fed up with the lack of space. Have children or a daycare doesn't mean keeping everything for just in case, no I may be very organized, but space cannot be created with the snap of my fingers. The worst part of it all is when you realize that kids don't not play long with half the material that you have kept for chandeliers or they end up breaking them a few months after their purchase.hat.

Here, the toys that take the more space are dozens of copies of snowmen different, dolls and all related accessories, but above all, but above all large play modules such as garages, houses dolls, castles, etc. Even here, since I have a daycare, I have all these articles in duplicate, even in triplicate to avoid bickering. Pff, so you see where I'm going where do I put all these modules when children are not playing with it or when I want to rotate toysets?

When I think about everything plastic, my green side takes a slap. Having six friends, my toys don't not last very long. Children end up breaking some toys or quickly lose their interest.

So I thought of a new concept! Kids love to create and work with their imaginations, no So why not just provide them with materials, to make their own garage or their own house In addition to working their imagination, they are so proud to present their cabin to us for their doll! It's been a while since I thought about eliminating, for the most part, the toys of plastics and pre-made toys to leave room for their imagination.on.

So I created a whole new corner called Invitation to Play. The principle is simple; provide enough materials for children to create from these. So I stocked this corner with all kinds of recycling materials (shoe boxes, corks, lids, jars of compote, paper towel rolls, etc.). When it's time to tidy up, all these beautiful materials do not take up too much space and suddenly they are buddies recycle it all, for good..

I add blocks of wood, toys made from recycled materials or wood toys and the ride is played! Okay, I still kept some plastic toys. Admit it, you can't eliminate everything at once! However, with the time, I would like to have only toys made of eco-responsible materials. Not only do we give new life to several everyday objects, but also children are encouraged to work their imagination, their creativity and even teamwork..

Okay, it's not just benefits of using this type of material! We must admit, the products recyclable, such as cardboard boxes or paper rolls toilet, are not super sturdy. I have to renew them frequently. Through luck, this is not expensive equipment!

I feel very light, everything suddenly. Here is the solution to my torments: an ecological play corner, which does not take up space and which works on several interesting spheres of child development.

Signed Single file - Bianka Loiselle

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