Apprivoiser le sommeil en douceur - Livre Numérique


It's the apocalypse at home when it's time to put your children to bed, punctuated by 1001 "good" reasons to get out of bed!

Or maybe you're pros at co-sleeping, but it just doesn't meet your current needs... For example, you can't imagine co-sleeping with your 15-year-old son, so you tell yourself that one day he'll have to sleep in his own bed, but you don't know where to start!... Are you looking for gentle methods that respect your child's needs and rhythm?

This sleep book, created by Mélanie Fortier of Ouikid, has been designed with you in mind!
The strategies presented in this book will probably have the effect of a great wind of gentleness in your life, where I suspect sleep is scarce! 🥱

The digital book is courtesy of Mélanie Fortier of Ouikid. We leave you with a little message from her....

Hello !

I'm Mélanie, the founder of Ouikid and mom of two wonderful kids who sometimes give me a hard time too!

I know how important sleep is for many parents (OMG, if we could buy a sleep bank, I'd be poor)!

But I've got some free tips for you to help your kids work together at bedtime!

This product is a gift from Pomango and Ouikid - All rights reserved, for personal use only.