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"It's going to be fine"activity book - To download and print

An activity book especially intended for children in the wake of the"It's going to be fine"movement! A notebook that children can fill out on their own or accompanied by an adult to set goals, challenges, a routine that they like (and that their parents like too!) And that will allow them to live beautiful moments alone and/or with the people they love. Going from"What are the learnings that I want to do", to"What are the recipes that I would like to cook?"or to"What are the highlights of my day", this tool is essential for the moment of break imposed on us! To print in its entirety or only certain sections, go ahead it's FREE!


  • 11 printable pages
  • 9 themes

Ideas for activities/use:

  • Give the child the choice of the topic he wishes to tackle
  • Complete one theme per day, or set one or two goal (s) per week (don't overload them either!)
  • Put on the fridge as a reminder
  • On the back, ask the child to draw a picture of how he sees himself (and the rest of the family) in this theme (ex:in a moment of calm, in the kitchen, doing physical activity)
  • Make a common document with the brothers and sisters:Set common goals, activities to do together. A great way to include the whole family in the process (even the little ones!)