Single file

The free activities on the theme of space offer you a variety of materials to approach space, the school system and extraterrestrial life with your minis.

Solar system

Accompany your beautiful thematic in space with posters of space stations to decorate.


  • 1 space station poster
  • 3 danger risk signs
Picture of the solar system

A beautiful picture book illustrating the planets and the solar system to accompany your talks or your favorite activities.


  • 1 solar system poster
  • 10 space themed illustration cards
Alien eye games

A fine motor skills and coordination activity that asks children to place balanced alien eyes on Squigzes.

Make your own alien eyes:Cut out the attached eyes and glue them to styrofoam balls.

Variants:Use motor pliers

You will need:Blue and green squigz + Styrofoam balls.


  • 8 cards to reproduce
  • 6 DIY eye colors