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Bees and Honey is the new free Indian File activity. Explore the anatomy of this insect, its life cycle, its honey production and how the hive works.

Honey production

Here, the children must reproduce what is on each card using small figurines of bees and pom poms (pollens).

Variation: add pliers to add complexity to the activity.

How to make your own cells: Cut out a hexagon from rigid cardboard with edges of 10 centimeters each. Cut, then, pop shekels sticks to a length of 2 cm each. Finally. Use a hot glue gun to glue the pieces of sticks together to make honeycombs.

Included :

  • 9 maps to reproduce on honey production.
The life cycle of the bee

Maps illustrating the life cycle of the bee. On the back, paste the description of each moment in the bee's life, in order to accompany you in your talks. Pair with figurines for a visual and to help increase children's interest (optional). In my case, I used Safari Ltd life cycle bee figures.

Included :

  • 4 cards on the bee's life cycle (egg, larva, pupa / imago and bee)
Bee hive

Here, you will find 10 cards to count on the theme of bees (1 to 10). Accompany your activity with little bee figurines or yellow pompoms (pollens).

Variation: Add pliers to work fine motor skills.

Included :

  • 10 cards to count on the theme of bees (1 to 10).
The anatomy of the bee

A poster that illustrates the anatomy of the bee. Accompany this poster with a figurine for children to visually refer to.


  • 1 poster on the anatomy of the bee