Routine Aide Aux Devoirs À Imprimer

Routine Aide Aux Devoirs À Imprimer


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Finding the “perfect” after-school routine isn’t easy! 

As each child is different, there is no single recipe. She can change from one day or week to another depending on her personality, her mood, her tasks to be done, her day at school, etc.

So, here is a help to take the time with your child to determine together what would be the ideal routine for him/her. You can try several combinations before finding the right one. Some will like to do their homework when they get home from school, others will want to relax before doing it.

The goal is to facilitate the routine, to remain flexible with it and to better accompany your child. The more you involve him in the process, the more he will become inclined to use the routine that suits him and the easier it will be for you. Because routine can be synonymous with pleasure!


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