Aide Aux Repas- Repas À Thèmes

Aide Aux Repas- Repas À Thèmes


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Make meals varied, fun and simplified!

The everyday question:What are we eating tonight ?! We all know that good meal planning is a great way to save time and money, eat better and reduce stress. However, what are the tips to achieve this? THEME MEALS are a great way to simplify meal planning!

What is a themed meal? It's all about assigning a different theme to each dinner of the week! They also have an added benefit for your children:they know what to expect. In addition, they can more easily help you in the kitchen, because the tasks will be more or less the same for each theme.


  • 9 meal themes with more than 10 variations
  • 10 inspirations to find themes

Note that this tool is free with the purchase of the family diary !

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