Choco et chocolatine - les lutins de noël - Livre numérique
Choco et chocolatine - les lutins de noël - Livre numérique
Choco et chocolatine - les lutins de noël - Livre numérique

Choco et chocolatine - les lutins de noël - Livre numérique


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A trilogy of Christmas stories featuring Choco and Chocolatine (DIGITAL BOOK)

Discover the three stories of our favorite elves - Choco and Chocolatine - in one book. It brings together the tales Le lutin de Noël, Le lutin du père Noël and Chocolatine la lutine.

Adventures and rebounds are on the agenda with these two trick players. Do you know the legend of the Christmas elves? These naughty little creatures take pleasure in playing tricks in many homes around the world, especially during the holidays. Adopt this beautiful tradition at home: it will grow your child's imagination and encourage sharing and patience. It will mark your child and will certainly be one of his fondest childhood memories.

Three stories for three times the fun!


«Hi! We are Choco and Chocolatine, the naughty elves of Emma and Maxime's family. Have you ever heard the story of our adventures? We're Santa's elves, and most importantly, we're the best tricksters in the universe! We can't wait to tell you our story!»

Characteristics :

  • Illustrations: Isabelle Charbonneau
  • Texts: Roxane Bergeron-Moreau
  • Number of pages: 112
  • Format: EPUB or PDF (Not compatible with Kindle)



  • Flexible format created especially for the digital book.
  • Compatible with several readers including IBOOKS (Apple), Caliber (Windows), Freda (Windows), Adobe Digital Editions (Android) etc.


  • Offers a faithful representation of the paper book (each page is an image).
  • Static format.
  • Unable to change text size to fit screen.
  • Not recommended on an e-reader.
  • Compatible on laptop, tablet, cell phone.


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