Jane Goodall - De Petite À Grande
Jane Goodall - De Petite À Grande
Jane Goodall - De Petite À Grande
Jane Goodall - De Petite À Grande

Jane Goodall - De Petite À Grande


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To discover the life of a chimpanzee enthusiast.

Jane Goodall is a British primatologist, ethologist and anthropologist. She is world famous and recognized for her work in immersion among chimpanzees. This British scientist was born on April 3, 1934 in London. Jane Goodall, with modest secretarial studies, has built up real knowledge in primatology around chimpanzees. Jane Goodall forges a real bond with chimpanzees. These findings suggest that humans and chimpanzees not only have genes in common, but that their intelligence, the emotions they feel and the way they interact with those around them are also similar.

  • 5 years and up
  • Hard cover
  • 20cm x 24cm
  • 32 pages
  • Written by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara
  • Illustrated by Beatrice Cerocchi
  • Leaf through an extract
De petite à grande: an inspiring collection for children!

We find in these stories incredible facts not drawn from the imagination of the authors, but from reality itself. These stories include a good diversity of qualifiers that will always expand the vocabulary of children. Indeed, the women and men in the stories are brave, enterprising, persevering, righteous, etc. So they don't just think, they go for it too, and that's what is most inspiring! The illustrations, neat and warm, blend perfectly with the poetic narration. Each album ends with a biographical sheet allowing to know more about the life of the personality in question, which is a very nice addition for parents or educators wanting to extend the reading.


5-7 ans