Je Fais Mon Lunch Seul À Imprimer
Je Fais Mon Lunch Seul À Imprimer
Je Fais Mon Lunch Seul À Imprimer
Je Fais Mon Lunch Seul À Imprimer

Je Fais Mon Lunch Seul À Imprimer


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Je fais mon lunch seul

To make your child feel responsible, you can, for example, ask him to make his lunch every evening after dinner, while you yourself are still in the kitchen cleaning up or doing the dishes. It's a good way to make sure, without appearing to be, that what he puts in the lunchbox meets your own nutritional criteria.


  • A visual of Canada's Food Guide to remind children of what to eat in their lunch
  • 2 pages including the 6 steps for a successful lunch box: Balanced main meal, side dishes, healthy desserts, snack ideas, not to mention the drink and the ice pack!
Here is a method approved by many parents for preparing daily lunches:

We reserve a shelf (or more) in the pantry and the refrigerator for foods reserved for lunches. With younger children, it is even recommended to place the food in different boxes. Then, you can have peace of mind ... Your child just has to choose a food from each of the boxes to compose his lunch so that it is nutritious. For example :

  • the box with homemade snacks (cookies, muffins, granola bars.),
  • the box with the fruits,
  • the box with salty snacks (cube cheese, washed and cut raw vegetables, crackers, hard-boiled egg),
  • the box with the sandwich toppings (chicken salad, ham, egg, tuna),
  • a variety of healthy breads (pita, bagels, tortillas, English muffins, etc.).)
  • The leftovers from the day before in individual portions
  • For standard 8 1/2 "x 11" sheet

Note that this tool is free with the purchase of the Agenda Pomango !

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